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Who We’ve Helped

Our client list includes impressive high achievers:

  • A former president of a Caribbean nation

  • Four billionaire businesspeople (one venture capitalist, one Middle Eastern shipping magnate, one large-scale hotelier, one social media network founder)

  • One of the world’s most famous boxers

  • A politician preparing to run for higher office in the Midwest

  • The CEO of one of the largest philanthropic organizations in the world

  • A litigator who has appeared before the Supreme Court multiple times

  • A former presidential speechwriter

  • The hip-hop artists behind one of the catchiest songs of the ’90s

  • Emeritus professors

  • A leading ad agency CEO and serial entrepreneur

  • A WNBA star

  • A rancher and lawyer in Texas

  • The owner of a large home health care company

  • A TikTok influencer in the aviation space

  • A former top advisor to the US National Security Council

  • An acclaimed Harvard Law School professor (editing only)

  • The head of a major United Nations agency

  • One of the top lobbyists for nonprofits

  • A senior executive in Major League Baseball

  • An internationally recognized business professor (editing only)

  • A retired pediatric surgeon

  • Senior Wall Street bankers

  • Retiring law partners

  • A founder of a publicly traded biotech company

  • Hundreds of everyday people, including the family members of our team members (who we’d argue are the most important people we’ve interviewed and written for).

Most of our clients aren’t famous. You don’t need to be famous to be important to those who love you.

We list the above roles and titles only to convey that high-powered people have trusted us to capture and convey their life stories. However, most of the people we help are not famous—they’re everyday people who have built careers, raised families, learned lessons, and created memories they want to capture for loved ones and perhaps share widely.

We’ve helped clients get featured in...

  • USA Today

  • Forbes

  • The Wall Street Journal

  • Publishers Weekly top picks

  • Hudson Booksellers at airports across the country

  • O, The Oprah Magazine

  • Time magazine

  • Cosmopolitan magazine

  • Hallmark TV

  • Daily Mail TV

And we’ve helped clients...

  • sell nationally in bulk to FedEx Office

  • secure film option agreements with Hollywood movie producers

  • appear on large podcasts

  • achieve prestigious awards

We've also helped clients land on these bestseller lists:

  • The New York Times

  • The Wall Street Journal

  • USA Today

  • Amazon

  • Barnes & Noble

  • Kobo

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