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The History of Your Organization Told Your Way

Organizations, whether for-profit companies or nonprofit entities, are a lot like people: They have personalities and pasts, ups and downs, successes and failures. They have deep backstories, little-known secrets, and fascinating anecdotes. They can intrigue and inspire, deepening their connection with the public. And their stories deserve to be told.

But a good story needs to be told well. If you’re running a company or nonprofit, you probably don’t have the time to sit down and compose a compelling, expertly woven narrative. That’s where we come in: Our professional ghostwriters can do it for you.

With immense experience, our team is passionate about helping busy executive leaders like you compile and publish corporate or organization histories that strengthen their connection to the public. 

Whether for a Corporation, Nonprofit, or Trade Association, the Process Is Simple

1. We conduct interviews; you set the pace.

We interview you on your schedule, either online or on site at the location of your choice. If you have time for lunch, you have time to capture your corporate history—we need you for just one hour-long interview a week for 12 weeks. Or if that won’t work for you, we can tackle everything in one sitting; it’s your choice. 

Our ghostwriters know all the right questions to ask to dive deeply into the material, and we’ll organize it into a cohesive narrative that tells the corporate or organization history you want.

2. We write the manuscript; you review the drafts as often or as little as you’d like.

While we write the manuscript, we’ll check in with you to keep you up to date and obtain your feedback. We’ll make revisions as appropriate and continue moving forward until your corporate history is exactly as you envision.

3. We help you with the publication process.

We can assist you with everything from typesetting and cover design to marketing and, if desired, landing a publishing deal with a traditional publisher. We offer a wide range of publishing services, so we can help you tell your corporate or organization history and help you get it out into the world.

Your Corporate or Organization History Told Your Way

Do you want to highlight your business’s history of success? Or do you want to enthrall your donors and beneficiaries with the story of how your nonprofit battled adversity to make a difference? Whatever your goal, you can trust our ghostwriters to give your organization a compelling voice. We’ll ensure that your organization's history is told the way you want, in your voice—without the massive time commitment that writing a book entails.

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