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Luke Palder, founder and CEO

Luke Palder, founder and CEO

Who Are We?

About Us is an offshoot of, an award-winning proofreading and editing company established in 2011 by Luke Palder. At, we’ve served more than 25,000 clients in over a hundred countries while maintaining a customer satisfaction rating of 9.7 out of 10. People love what we sell.

Since 2011, has worked on over 150,000 documents. Over 4,000 of those have been manuscripts, ranging from business books to fiction to Christian literature to self help books and, of course, hundreds of memoirs. We’ve helped with every part of the book production process.

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The Story

Through our conversations with authors, we realized that many needed help once they had completed their manuscripts to get those manuscripts ready for publication. Naturally, we expanded our service offerings to include eBook and print formatting, marketing, cover design, and other services.


But then we noticed something else: Many of the authors who were approaching us for help had spent eight or nine years writing their memoirs. We could move fast, require much less work from them, and ensure they finished (you’d be surprised how many memoirists start and don’t finish).


We’ve since leveraged our in-house talent and gathered a team of more than 50 experienced ghostwriters, which led to the birth of We help potential memoirists transform their lives by telling their stories in cohesive, professionally written books—in as little as three months.

Luke Palder, founder and CEO

Luke Palder, founder and CEO

Our team has worked with celebrities, CEOs, government officials, and many others. Find out more.

How Can We Help You Tell Your Story?

We’re passionate about helping people to discover the magic within their own stories and to present them to the world. Our experienced ghostwriters know which questions to ask to help form the best structure for your story, and they know how to weave together the information into flowing prose that seamlessly guides the reader from cover to cover. Our friendly, approachable experts will get to know you and learn how you think and feel so that they can see the world from your perspective and write a book that feels authentically like you. Our focus is always on you. 

Our ghostwriters have worked with celebrities, CEOs, doctors, lawyers, retired military officers, and more. They’ll leverage their vast experience to help you tell your story the way you want to. It’s your book and your story, so you’ll always have the last say. But our passionate ghostwriters will be here to support you every step along the way as your trusty partners in the complex world of book publishing.

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