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Do People Often Tell You You Should Write Your Life Story or Advice Down in a Book? You Should. Here’s Why.

Life is complex. You’ve experienced a lot, you’ve overcome adversities, and you have no shortage of fascinating anecdotes that keep listeners enthralled. People may even have told you that you should write your life story down in a book. We’re here to tell you that indeed, you should. A memoir or book of wisdom earned over the years is the perfect way to immortalize your life.

5 Reasons You Should Capture Your Life Story in a Book

1. Everyone has a story, and your story is worth sharing.

Whether you’ve achieved a monumental feat in your field, triumphed over a grueling challenge life has thrown at you, or lived through a unique experience that’s given you a new perspective, your life story is worth sharing. Even if you don’t think you have anything interesting to share, we assure you that you do, and we can help you identify it.

2. You can connect with—and change the lives of—eager readers worldwide.

Whatever kind of life you’ve lived, you have something valuable to share with the world. Your story can touch people’s hearts, establishing a sense of connection that’s difficult to replicate in other ways. The lessons in your memoir may also help others in similar circumstances, allowing you to leave an even deeper mark.

3. Share the wisdom you’ve gained over the years with the world, even if you haven’t invented something or gone to space.

You don’t need to have scaled Mount Everest or taken a company public to accrue valuable wisdom to share with the rest of the world, particularly younger generations. A memoir is your chance to share your insights and lessons with others following a similar path so that they may, thanks to you, avoid some of the setbacks you faced.

4. Immortalize your legacy—live forever through a memoir.

Life is temporary, but books are permanent. Publishing a memoir allows you to immortalize your thoughts, insights, and experiences and touch people’s lives long after you’ve left this world. It’s a powerful way to bolster your legacy and shape how people remember you—it’s the closest thing we have to immortality.

5. Share your insights and stories with future generations of your family.

You can share your stories with your children and grandchildren directly, but there are only so many generations you can impart your wisdom to when you’re alive. If you publish a memoir for your family, you can ensure that your progeny for generations to come develops a deeper understanding of where they come from and benefits from all the lessons you’ve learned.

But what if you don’t have the time or expertise to write a memoir?

You don’t need to write your memoir yourself; you just need to talk.

If writing a manuscript yourself sounds overwhelming, or if writing isn’t your forte, don’t let that stop you from publishing your life story. Most memoirs are ghostwritten by professionals. If you hire a ghostwriter, you can publish a book without sacrificing time for the rest of your commitments. Even if you have the writing skills to compose your memoir yourself, the opportunity cost can make ghostwriting the wisest option.

Your ghostwritten story is yours.

No matter who types the words, the story, ideas, and insights are all yours. It’s your name on the cover as the author, not the ghostwriter’s. It’s okay to take the credit—the ghostwriter has agreed to be invisible, and that’s what you’re paying them for. 

Ghostwriters are masters of their craft, capable of emulating all sorts of different writing styles. They’ll study the way you think and speak to ensure that your book genuinely sounds like you. If you’re not happy with anything your ghost writes, just tell them, and they’ll revise it. Revisions are just part of the creative process.

Just one quick interview a week is all you need to commit.

Your ghostwriter will need to interview you to gather the materials for your memoir, but just an hour of your time a week is all our team needs. We can schedule the interviews at your convenience, whether that means 2:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m., or 6:00 a.m. We seamlessly navigate time zone differences worldwide and offer both online and in-person interviews, depending on your location.

And what about the publication and marketing of your memoir? 

Our end-to-end ghostwriting service offers all you need to bring your memoir to market.

Your memoir isn’t ready for publication upon completion of the manuscript, even though the scope of many individual ghostwriters ends there. You still need to put your manuscript through copy editing and proofreading, as well as typesetting or eBook formatting, depending on your publication preferences—and don’t forget an aesthetically pleasing cover! Our team can help you every step of the way.

Our marketing services can ensure—yes, ensure—your book is a bestseller.

The competition in creative industries can be fierce, and just because you’ve created something incredible doesn’t mean people will actually find it. Marketing is indispensable, and authors today are generally left to market themselves—even if they sign with a publisher. We have extensive marketing experience, so we can make sure your book gets in the limelight. We can even guarantee you a bestseller, depending on the ghostwriting package you purchase.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed—prioritize capturing your life story today.

No one knows how long they have left. Hopefully, you have another 50 years on this planet, but life is unpredictable and often tragic, so it’s important to prioritize what matters to you with the time you know you have: the present. Seize the day today to make sure your life story makes it to the crisp pages of a published book.

With the team, you can share your story and immortalize your legacy with minimal time and effort, and the sooner you get started, the better. We offer various customizable ghostwriting packages, so just select the one that best suits your vision, and let’s get started!


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