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How Can Authority Marketing and Thought Leadership Help Grow Your Business Exponentially?

Customers want good value for their money, no matter what kind of product or service they’re purchasing. Regardless of the field you work in, clients value demonstrable competence. If you can prove to potential customers that you truly know what you’re doing, you’re positioning your company for considerable growth. But how do you show your leads that you’re a bona fide expert before they’ve actually tried your offering?

Authority marketing: The ultimate secret to growing your brand

The secret is authority marketing. Authority marketing isn’t about promoting your products or services per se but rather focuses on establishing you and your business as a thought leader in the industry, highlighting your knowledge and expertise in your field. It’s about building trust in your brand image such that customers have more confidence in your company than in your competitors—even when placing their first order.

One of the most effective authority marketing approaches is to publish a book about your company, industry, or journey to success. A published book will automatically grant you and your business a certain level of prestige and esteem, opening up countless doors for your brand. 

The simplest way to write and publish a business book

Most CEOs and business leaders don’t have time to write an entire book. That’s where our professional ghostwriting team comes in.

At, we offer a wide variety of highly customizable ghostwriting packages for business leaders and anyone else who wants to publish a professionally written book. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you position yourself as a thought leader in your field.

The benefits of publishing a book to leverage authority marketing

Not yet sold on the efficacy of publishing a business book? Here are a few ways that well-executed authority marketing can translate into deepened career success.

Win more customers with thoughtful authority marketing

A professionally ghostwritten business book is one of the best ways to capitalize on all the opportunities authority marketing offers. It’s a great way to get your name out there as an industry expert or to simply familiarize customers with your name. If customers recognize you and your brand as an industry leader, they’ll be more willing to give you their business. The familiarity factor also matters a lot in marketing—so, even if customers haven’t actually read your book, having seen your brand at bookstores or in the news will automatically bias them in your favor.

Rise through the ranks in the business world

Authority marketing isn’t just meant for customers—it also works wonders for building your influence among fellow businesspeople in your field and expanding your network. The right authority marketing strategy can help open up board positions, furthering your career and deepening your influence in your industry. A published book is also a prime way to not only earn more speaking opportunities but to also charge more for them. 

Essentially, good authority marketing increases the value of your word. That, in turn, can have a profound impact on your overall career and brand, as your successes build upon one another.

Expand your influence—and income—as a consultant

If you position yourself as an industry thought leader through meaningful authority marketing, you’ll likely be able to land more consulting gigs at higher prices. Fostering your consulting business is a great way to diversify your income and expand your influence into different facets of your field. As you grow as an industry consultant, your enhanced reputation will also translate into higher esteem for your overall brand.

Promote yourself rather than your offerings

Authority marketing is so effective because it doesn’t focus on your individual products or services but rather on the common denominator among all your business ventures: you. Customers and industry peers alike will be interested in purchasing from you or working with you because they trust you. What’s more, your reputation compounds over time—the more trusted you are by your current clients and peers, the more trustworthy you appear to new clients and peers. Success begets success, and authority marketing is the perfect way to set this virtuous circle in motion.

Publishing a business book is one of the best ways to tap into the benefits of authority marketing, and it’s considerably easier than you think. Our ghostwriters have years of experience and have already penned bestsellers for business leaders across a wide variety of industries. They’ll listen closely to you to tell your story the way you want, in keeping with your authentic voice. All you need to do is select one of our bespoke ghostwriting packages and sit down for a few interviews—and then we’ll write your book while you focus on your business.


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